Our Financial Problems Were Too Bothersome

When I heard my wife crying herself to sleep a few months ago, I knew that the time had to come to do something about the way we were living. We used to live very well when I had a great job, but an accident and a lot of medical bills took all that away. We were living pay to pay, and we had creditors hounding us every single day for money that we simply did not have. I decided to go on my computer and get some information about a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer.

I did not really know if this was the right way to approach our problems, but I knew that we had to draw a line in the sand somewhere. We simply could not live the way we were anymore. It was just too stressful, and it was not fair to my wife who already had to endure so much these last few years. I didn’t even know if we would qualify for a bankruptcy, so I just followed my instincts so I could learn as much as I could about it before I contacted a professional.

I am really glad that I went to the website for Amerio Law, because I was able to not only read about how filing bankruptcy can help people in our situations but I also learned about the different kinds of bankruptcy that we would be eligible for. I was able to read about alternatives to bankruptcy as well, but I knew that we were not going to be able to do anything other than file, because we simply had no extra money to even enter into a repayment plan with any company. This law firm was able to file for us, and we are breathing a lot easier now. My wife goes to sleep peacefully now, and that makes every bit of this worth it to me.